LuminAID's Subsidized Nonprofit Pricing

How Does LuminAID's Subsidized Pricing Work?

We offer discounts ranging from 20-60% off our retail prices for humanitarian use.  You do not need to be a 501(c)3 registered nonprofit to qualify for the discount, but we ask that you fill out a short application and provide feedback after your trip or distribution.  Most applications are processed same-day.




What Can I Expect to Pay?

Please see below for a chart that shows what most nonprofits pay for our different types of lanterns. 


Basic solar 9-12 dollars.2-in-1 25-50 dollars.Solar 12-15 dollars.


If you have already been approved for a subsidy, you can log in and view detailed pricing in our online store.


Can I Apply Before I'm Ready to Purchase?

Yes! We encourage you to fill out an application, even if you are still working on your budget and funding. That way, you'll get access to the full pricelist for budgeting, as well as our nonprofit resources.  There's no order minimum, so you can also order samples for testing or to use in presentations for fundraising.


How Do I Pick the Right Product for My Project?

We've put together a guide to help nonprofits pick the best type of LuminAID product for their projects.  You can read it here: