LuminAID Subsidy Program

LuminAID provides subsidized rates to individuals and community groups working to provide safe, sustainable lighting to those in need. If you aim to bring light to an area without access to reliable lighting, we would be honored to support your work. 

We are able to provide subsidies to a broad range of organizations and individuals whose missions are aligned with ours. If you have already been approved for a charitable-use subsidy, you can access the subsidized buying portal here.

We prioritize registered 501(c)3 organizations for our subsidy program, but do offer subsidies to individuals and organizations providing lights in areas without access to a safe, reliable lighting. We encourage you to apply for a subsidy even if you are not with a registered 501(c)3 organization.

Once your application is accepted, you will be sent instructions on how to purchase lights at our discounted rate. In exchange for this discount, we do ask that you photograph the distribution or the lights being used, for us to provide to our supporters who underwrite the subsidy program.


Because of our commitment to providing lights to those without access to safe, reliable lighting, we are generally unable to accept donation requests for fundraisers or auctions that fall outside of this mission.


Nonprofit Subsidy Application