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March 20, 2020

You can find our roundup of software for remote work here: Free or Discounted Software for Nonprofits

In addition to making their software tools free or low-cost for nonprofits, many companies are also publishing guides on how to effectively transition to remote work and collaborate while staying home.

If you're leading your nonprofit through a transition like this, we wanted to put together some resources that will help you see what others have done, and understand best practices for your organization's security, productivity, and communications to stakeholders. 

#COVID-19 Google Doc (Crowdsourced)
This document has had a lot of activity and is a good place to find a broad set of resources related to COVID-19, including how-to's and trainings.

Remote Work: How to Stay Connected and Organized (Asana)
This webinar covers best practices on remote work for teams, hosted by task management software Asana.

Videoconferencing Library of Best Practices & Webinars (Zoom)
Zoom's resource page during COVID-19 with getting started guides, webinars, and best practices.

The Nonprofit's Guide to Managing Documents in the Cloud Effectively (TechSoup)
How to find files easily, collaborate better, use e-signatures, and increase security

Digital Divide Resources During the Pandemic (nten)
For nonprofits, the most marginalized communities that we seek to serve are also those who are disproportionately affected by the digital divide.

Pivoting to Remote Work — COVID-19 Response Course Track for Nonprofits (TechSoup)
This online course has been made free to nonprofits, and covers getting set up with technology tools, ensuring proper security, and boosting collaboration.


Additional Resources

COVID-19 Resources for Nonprofits

All Nonprofit Resources

LuminAID for Nonprofits Facebook Group

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Get Involved With Our Nonprofit Community

We encourage you to join our Facebook Group and share resources and strategies that may be helpful to others.  We know this is a time of uncertainty for both your humanitarian projects and your teams, and hope that through sharing knowledge and resources, we can support each other.

What else would you like to know about? Do you have something to share with the nonprofit community? You can submit an entry to our resource directory here, or post in our Facebook Group.

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