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Fundraising Kit - Education Package

Get your fundraising started with an Education Package!  Use these lights for presentations, raffle/auction prizes, or display models to collect orders before investing in a larger purchase for fundraising.

Each Education Package includes the following:

  • 10x PackLite Nova USB Solar Lanterns ($25 retail value)
  • 5x PackLite Max 2-in-1 Phone Chargers ($50 retail value)
  • Marketing Material and Paper Order Forms
  • FREE SHIPPING to the US and Canada

This package has a $500 retail value, and you can choose between lights with standard LuminAID branding or a custom Shelterbox branded edition.

NOTE: Lights with Shelterbox branding should be used for education/advocacy or fundraising in support of Shelterbox only.  Please select the standard model if you plan to fundraise for your own Rotary Club or other nonprofit projects.
Fundraisers are responsible for collecting funds and writing a check to Shelterbox.  We will connect you with your local Shelterbox affiliate so that you can get the necessary donation forms.