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PackLite 16 Instructions

How to use your PackLite 16

How to Charge the PackLite 16

How to Inflate the PackLite 16

How to Illuminate the PackLite 16


Power off your light

Press the power button until your light turns off. If your light is turned off and placed in sunlight, the red LED charging indicator will illuminate.

Place your LuminAID light in direct sunlight for 7-10 hours.

Your LuminAID light prefers strong sun, but hey--it’s not picky. Some cloud cover and charging in the mornings or evenings will work, although you can expect slightly longer charge times in these conditions.

Extra Tip:

Many windows are built to shield from UV rays. This is not ideal for charging solar lights. Just to make sure, bypass the window and let your LuminAID soak up some rays outdoors.

The charging indicator will turn green when your light is fully charged.

Even if you only have a few hours to charge, some is better than none. Your light will charge in the sunlight even if it doesn’t hit the “green light” mark.


Open valve and unfold your LuminAID lantern.

The clip might be tight the first time but it's easy after that!

Bite or pinch the base of the valve to inflate

The PackLite 16 uses a high-quality bite valve that helps keeps air in. Over time, the valve will become more flexible, and this process will be easier.

Blow into the valve to fully inflate the light.

Close the valve as soon as you’re done inflating the light. Turn on your LuminAID light, and shine bright!


Press the red power button to cycle through light settings.

To turn your light OFF, cycle through the other settings until the light turns off. The red charging indicator will illuminate if the light is OFF and in the sun.