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July 01, 2016

In May, LuminAID traveled to Las Vegas for Tom Shoes’ Pitch for Good Competition, along with six other finalists. The competition focused on startups who share a vision of a better tomorrow. The judges were very impressed with the different types of social impact each company was making, and it became a very hard choice as to who should win.

In a somewhat unusual turn of events, Anna and Andrea shared the first place prize with Coss Marte, founder of ConBody, a workout studio run by ex-cons in New York City. The $100,000 investment from Mycoskie’s Social Entrepreneurship fund was split evenly between LuminAID and ConBody. Andrea artfully delivered the winning pitch for Team LuminAID, in the two minutes allotted.

In addition to the investment LuminAID received, they will also be promoted on Tom’s and Inc.’s social media platforms, they will be featured in Inc.’s Positive Energy Column, and will receive mentoring from other entrepreneurs! Andrea said of the win:"We couldn't be more excited, somewhere in the back of our minds we've always asked the question: Well, what would Toms do? So it's really come full circle on a day like today."

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Rajany Matthew, a peace corps volunteer in Madagascar, distributes LuminAID lights to silk weavers as part of our Give Light, Get Light campaign. 


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