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February 26, 2018

The impact of LuminAID is shaped not just by the invention, but also by the women behind its creation. LuminAID was invented and founded by two women in college, Anna Stork and Andrea Sreshta. Co-founders Anna and Andrea stand as strong positive examples for women interested in tech and entrepreneurship, sectors where participation of women is disproportionately low. As women business-owners and inventors, they work to inspire girls and support women as powerful new voices to create an innovative and inclusive community in tech and entrepreneurship.

Both Anna and Andrea are proud mentors for the Chicago Innovation Awards’ Women Mentoring Co-op. Through the co-op, they work to empower and advise Chicago women seeking to bolster their careers and businesses. As a start-up whose inventors and creators are women, LuminAID occupies an regrettably unique position in the business world. Currently, LuminAID is part of only 5% of all American startups that are headed by women.  

The co-founders know that bridging this gap will require helping girls and young women realize their passions in STEM fields and entrepreneurship. The two women have served as mentors at Grrl Squad, a summer program which aims to empower girls with the skills and support to excel in math and science. As an innovative designer, Anna was featured in the children’s bookEngineering: Cool Women Who Design.

Anna and Andrea are adamant about empowering the next generation of women in science, design, and entrepreneurship, and they’re doing just that--and leading by example.

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