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April 12, 2018

An estimated 85,000 health clinics in developing countries lack dependable electricity. Without access to electricity or other clean lighting options, health providers in these areas struggle to provide life-saving care after dark. Particularly in rural areas, solar lighting can relieve the financial burden associated with fuel-based light sources, and allow these health clinics focus precious funds on improving care.

Portable solar lanterns can help these health workers provide safe responses to health emergencies that begin or extend into the night. Rural women’s health care—and midwifery services in particular-—can benefit from portable solar lighting as a safe resource for health care in energy poor communities, without risk of fire or fumes endangering the health of the patients.

In Nepal, LuminAID solar lights have been used to light up over 80 maternity units for women just before or after delivering their babies. Safe lighting is a crucial part of effective health services, and portable solar lights are a powerful response to the need for safe and versatile lights for health workers in energy poor communities. Portable lighting in particular is an asset for practitioners who perform house calls and small scale clinics who provide crucial but under-funded services.

An unexpected benefit of the LuminAID lights in Nepal was how welcome they were for women as a sense of security after dark. LuminAID lights are more versatile than many solar lamps due to the fact they can be hung – on the tent, on a string, on the bathrooms, and around the camp. UNFPA Nepal staff noted that the lanterns were “extremely useful due to the lack of electricity,” and that “it was also a fun shape, which gave a lovely light.”

Through the Give Light Light program, together we are able to improve the prospects of brilliant futures for families around the world. We thank you from the bottom of hearts for your help in working towards our goal of making light accessible to all!

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