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August 21, 2017

The Great American Eclipse has come and gone...and now the sun's back! Not that we think you're really wondering this, but here's our list of Things To Be Happy About Now That The Sun Has Returned:

  1. You can wear those snazzy sunglasses you just bought that didn't work during the eclipse
  2. You can finally try frying an egg on the sidewalk and cross that off your bucket list
  3. You can start solar charging your LuminAID light again!

We often get questions from customers about the length of time it takes to recharge various LuminAID lights. It's sometimes difficult to answer since different parts of the country and the world receive different amounts of sunlight. And that doesn't even cover varying degrees of intensity and changing seasons.

That's why we have the following guide! We've got a world map below for the PackLite Max USB and the PackLite Nova USB

The color scale at the bottom of each map indicates the number of days it would take to fully charge your light at each color intensity. Here's the same map, but for the smaller PackLite Nova USB.

For our domestic customers in the USA, we've got close-up maps for you. The map below is for the PackLite Max USB. To the left is sunlight distribution in the summer, while the one on the right is for the winter. As expected, it takes longer to fully charge the PackLite Max USB in the winter than in the summer.


Here it is for the PackLite Nova USB.

Hopefully the return of sunlight means you'll be charging your light more via solar than via USB! We hope everyone's enjoying the end of summer as it draws to a close.

Need a refresher on best practices for charging your LuminAID? Watch our short video on how to charge your LuminAID.

Have questions about how to charge your light? Email and we will be happy to help! 


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