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November 15, 2017

LuminAID Co-founders Anna and Andrea Discuss Their Newest Bright Idea

LuminAID Co-founders Anna and Andrea

Dear LuminAID Friends,

The past few months at LuminAID have been filled with anticipation. As we got closer to launching our latest line of portable solar lights, it became increasingly hard to keep the secret! We are excited to finally share our newest product line: Smart Solar Garden by LuminAID.

So, why Smart? 
Because our newest lights embody our passion for innovation and design that works for you. For the Smart Solar Garden, we've created an app that puts you in complete control of turning your lights on all at once, no matter where they are in your backyard, room or campsite. You can use the app to control colors, schedule when the lights turn on, and check charge levels -- all in the palm of your hand! Of course, you can turn them on with the buttons on the lanterns as well. And we’re committed to the same ultra-compact design that is the hallmark of all of our portable lights, which makes them easy to store and transport.  

You can learn more about LuminAID's Smart Solar Garden project on KickstarterFor every campaign backer, LuminAID will donate solar lanterns to disaster relief aid efforts. Thank you to all who continue to power our mission to bring solar light and power to those in need around the world.

We've spent the last 7 years lighting up outdoor adventures and emergency situations. And now, the Smart Solar Garden is our next step in empowering all people to live sustainably beyond the grid. With your support, we’re able to bring our brightest ideas to life.

Shine On,
Anna and Andrea